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From Our Guestbook

We are back because you are the best! ”

Nicole & Alain, Quebec

Truly our most spectacular B&B anywhere. Thank you for a very special experience.”

R. & K. Ferguson, Ontario

Best food and best view in the world!

A. & M. Simard, Quebec

“This was beyond our expectations – excellent food and very warm and hospitable hosts. We will surely be back as soon as we can! ”

M. & E. Popkiewicz, Toronto

“A pleasant surprise at the end of this road. Feels like home the moment you step foot through the door. It will be calling me back!”

Amy, Nova Scotia

“A beautiful spot. We are sorry we were here for only one night. Great food and hospitality!! ”

Pat & Brenda, Ottawa, Ontario

“Such a nice room, great views and great breakfasts! Newfoundland is the most beautiful place we’ve been to, and Entente Cordiale is worth visiting again!

P. & H., Barcelona, Spain

As close to heaven as I will probably ever get!”

R. & T. Dunne, Newfoundland

“Everything we could have hoped for, and more. Thank you for your hospitality, excellent food, impeccable cleanliness, and the best room possible! Thank you for sharing your little bit of heaven.”

D. Isaac & M. Ruska

“Absolutely beautiful and welcoming. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, and wished we could have stayed longer! We will be back, hopefully soon!”

L. Mansfield & K. O’Hearn, Milton, Ontario

“I’ve fallen in love with western Newfoundland – a truly spectacular place – but it’s everyone at Entente Cordiale that made it extra special. Thank you for your care and generosity.”

K. Daymond, Toronto, Ontario

“Great food in a gorgeous setting, with lovely people. We are already planning a return trip. Thank you.”

M. Lander & A. Chochinov, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Entente Cordiale – the Inn, the place, the people – is as good as it gets. I loved it here, and will definitely return. Thank you!!”

S. McLeod, Toronto

“By far the most comfortable place we’ve been in 11 days! Loved it!”

B. & T. Kehn, Maine

“The past four days at your Inn has been one of the best traveling experiences we have ever had! What a magnificent sanctuary! The genuine and personable nature of everyone was thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you for the laughs. Liz, Gladys, Effie … thank you for the beautiful meals. Edna … thank you for the lemon pie and beautiful baking. Paul, Joe, and Robert … thank you for the bonfires and hiking information. We seriously look forward to returning some day. Best regards.”

M. & D. McCarthy, PEI

“Wonderful place! Beautiful scenery and sunset. Enjoyable evening on the beach and best bonfire ever! Fantastic dinner and breakfast!”

The Thomsons, Ontario

“A very picturesque and relaxing treasure. We enjoyed our visit and delicious dinner and breakfast. Watching the sunset on the beach was a bonus! Thank you.”

The Colemans, Port Hope, Ontario

“Quiet and peaceful. Loved the moose on the beach!”

Glen, Sheila, Astrid & Benjamin, Ottawa, Ontario

“The view alone is worth the trip. Thanks for your hospitality and the wonderful meals.”

M. Barford, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“We loved the view, the attentive service and the cozy dining room.”

C. Gomery & A. Bachecongi, Montreal, Quebec

“Thank you for the incredible hospitality! The food and service were outstanding!”

B. & S. Denton, Greenville, South Caroline

“Beautiful! Couldn’t have found a nicer place. Thank you. We hope to come back.”

T., J. & L. Combden, Peterborough, Ontario

“What better way to end two spectacular weeks on the Northern Peninsula than staying here! Your hospitality – and humour – is second to none. Thanks!”

Eva and Jan, Calgary, Alberta

“We came at the start of our trip and at the end. Each time was amazing. The people here are so friendly. Hope to see you next year.”

The Landro Family

“This is the kind of place I would like to retire to. It’s been a real pleasure, thank you so much!”

F. & J. Loftin, Toronto, Ontario

 Thank you so much for the hospitality! This place was better than what we had expected. What a gem!”

A. & M., Ottawa, Ontario

“We are pleased that “Frommer’s” lists your Inn as one of their “Finds”. We thank all of you for a most comfortable and delightful stay.”

G. & H. Toronto, Ontario

“What a special find! Thank you for a beautiful place to stay!”

Tara & Jared, Calgary, Alberta

 “What a beautiful spot! Thank you for such a lovely stay! We will never forget this place as we got engaged on the beach last night! We will be back again! Thanks again.”

N. Wells & A. Park, Newfoundland

“Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality, great room with beautiful antiques, loved the food, especially the molasses pudding and the ladies are wonderful! See you again!”

K. Joynt & D. Pratt, Hamilton, Ontario

“We loved the Inn, the setting, the walk on the beach, the sea glass, the shells, the view, the tranquility, the food (fabulous!) and the ladies. We loved it!”

John, Christina & Vicki

“Great spot. We would loved to have stayed much longer but we booked for only one night.”

Linda & Owen

“The best B&B in Newfoundland! Everything was perfect!!! Merci beaucoup!”

C. & G. Boisvert, Quebec

“A special time that I enjoyed very much. A beautiful place and beautiful staff that made me feel welcome. Thank you so much.”

M. Egner, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“What a beautiful place! We loved the view, the whales, and the wonderful hospitality of the ladies! Thank you so much! M., A. & L. Eaton, Ontario”

E. & L. Conish, British Columbia

“Thank you for all the absolutely fantastic accommodations – and the wonderful, wonderful hospitality!”

V. Ominski & P. Reynolds

“This is a heavenly spot – so peaceful and restful. The atmosphere and wonderful meals along with the warm welcome made our stay here most memorable. Glad we made it out to the ponds – great walk! Kind regards to each of you – loved the sewing, the buns, the muffins and dessert – oh my! – The fish was fantastic – veggies just right. Thank you.”

J. & L. Gibson, Ontario

“Thank you so very much for a wonderful time, the hospitality and kindness, the delicious food and the beauty and love that fills the house and hearts of the people living in it!”

Greg & Angelika

“Thanks again for another great weekend. We look forward to this all year long. Take care!”

Sharon & Graham, Newfoundland

“I wish I had a bedroom like #6. Everyone has been so warm, hospitable and kind.”

E. & J. Letman, CA, USA

“Paradise in Nfld! Loved every minute of our stay. We’ll be back!”

Y. & B. Rindall, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Loved staying with you. Better than any hotel we’ve stayed in anywhere.”

H. & P. Bate, Nova Scotia

“Best ever location and food! Thoroughly enjoyable stay! Thank you.”

A. & M. Simard, Quebec, ON

“Enjoyed the sunset. Great fresh air for an excellent night sleep. Great food. Wonderful people. Interesting home. Thanks.”

E. & D. Strauss, Kitchener , ON

Warm hospitality in an idyllic setting. An invigorating oasis!!”

P. & R. Vogel, Quebec

 “An absolute jewel of Newfoundland!”

D. & J. Melanson, New Hampshire, USA

“Stunning view, great fire on the beach, good seafood, immaculate. We’ll recommend to our family and friends for sure. Thank you.”

M. Anderson, Toronto, ON

“You have it all! Great location, lovely house, and nice hospitality. Thanks.”

Consuelo & Thomas, Kitchener, ON

“Lovely spot. One of the best B&B’s. Enjoyed the food and hospitality. Great sleep to the sound of the waves!”

Ron & Pauline, Alberta

“We have enjoyed your wonderful hospitality for 13 years. Again, another great visit. We love to come – it’s like family.”

Barry & Mary, Newfoundland

“We are happy to stay here!! The house is very lovely! the dinner and breakfast are delicious, but the most beautiful characteristic is the location!! Wonderful!! Thank you for your hospitality.”

A. & G. Baracco, Padua, Italy

“What a surprise to find this awaiting us at our northernmost point on our travels thru Newfoundland. There are no words to describe the setting! And you Edna & Effie, were a joy to get to know!! We will be back!”

Art & Davida, Harvard, Massachusetts, USA

“A radiant place to stay in a magical land. Thanks to Edna, Gladys and Effie for all their care and attention.”

Julie & Edward, Baltimore, Maryland

“We’re back! We love it here!”

I. & C. Nadeau

“Everything in this place is absolutely perfect. Meets highest standards in hospitality. Thank you and hope to stay longer next time.”

Barbara, Roman, & Felix, Switzerland

“The location and food are only outdone by your hospitality. Hope to return.”

Ron & Ruby, Kitchener, ON

 “Beautiful setting, lovely rooms and absolutely delicious supper – better than any restaurant! Thank you for your wonderful hospitality, we hope to return for another visit soon.”

K. McMullen, Bermuda

“Two years ago we promised ourselves we would come back here. When we drove in it felt like coming home. Edna, Effie & Gladys – you are terrific! So welcoming. We are dreaming about coming back again!”

L. Bourassa, Regina, Sask.

“Entente Cordiale is a perfect gem – the best way to start our Newfoundland trip. And the women here are jewels. ”

F. & C. Chouinard, Ottawa, ON

“A wonderful place – impeccably clean; tastefully & artfully decorated. The meals were well made and delicious. The owners pay great attention to detail. Thank you.”

S. & C. Touloumis

“This stay was the highlight of our week. Thanks so much!”

M. Butt & E. Reid

“Our favorite spot (& bedroom) in all the world. We love Gladys, Effie and Edna – like family.”

Ken, Marylou & Suzanne, Ontario

“Thank you to the ladies! Spotless place! really good food & oh that view from the deck. Hopefully someday we’ll make it back!”

I. & H. Gawdan, Ontario

“We had an absolutely fabulous visit. Great hospitality and food – we loved the halibut and scallops! Thanks for everything!”

J. MacGibbon and R. deWitte

“We enjoyed our stay. It was the best B&B during our journey. All the best to you.”

C. Jacob, Germany

“A gem of a place – beautifully appointed, beautifully run, with such cordial attentive service, delicious breakfasts and suppers, comfort in every particular. Thank you!!”

J. & F. Gardines, Brooklyn, NY

“Maxwell (3 1/2 yrs old) says “Edna is a great cook & this is a “cool house”. We agree!! See you next year!”

M. & M., Newfoundland

“Thank you so much! You’ve spoiled us for other B&B’s! Your friendliness & the decor are both second to none!”

E. & L. Conish, British Columbia

“Our second visit to a special place. warm, friendly, & cosy – both the house and the staff. A birthday cake for C. was extra special and very much appreciated.”

R. & C., Newfoundland

“Awesome place. Great hospitality, beautiful beach, food was excellent. Will definitely be back!!!”

B. Humphries

“Wow! What a great place. This is our first stop, but I’m sure nothing will surpass it. The hospitality was great. When we visit again we will surely come back.”

B. & N. Millihen, Maine

“What a spectacular setting! The house is very comfortable, and Effie, Gladys and Edna took great care of us in every way.”

Charlotte & Ann

 “Definitely our favorite stop! Thank you for your hospitality.”

K. & R. Wagener, Germany

“This place is a jewel. I love the decor, the photographs, and of course the spectacular Atlantic Ocean.”

B. Proner, Manitoba

“What a delightful cozy place you have here! It will be remembered & loved for a long time! Thank you for all the special touches!”

Al & Jane

“Just a wonderful place…..everything was just perfect!! We’ll be back!”

T. & S. Broxterman, Ontario

 “A lovely place. It will be a highlight of our holiday. So glad we found it! Everything was perfect.”

L. & D. Hasse, Florida

“Had a ball with the girls here! So wonderful and VERY relaxing – I can’t even remember which day it is! Thanks again.”

P. Seaward

“This is the best place we have been. An amazing view, great walks on the beach, wonderful clouds in the evening. Thank you for your warm and friendly welcome, and good food! We want to come back! ”

L. Gavin & M. Grocott, Saskatchewan

“We felt at home the moment we entered the door! Edna & Effie, you are gems! Your food is exceptional. We can’t wait to come back.”

D. & S. Campbell, Mississauga, Ontario

“A beautiful stretch of Nfld shoreline! Your meals were fabulous. Thank you so much for your true hospitality.”

J. & C. McGrath, Ontario

“You have a little piece of heaven here!! The food was absolutely fabulous! Thanks for your hospitality!! God bless!!”

J. & C. Kedst, Ontario

We saved the best until last! This is Nfld’s No. 1 B&B. Thanks for another great visit!”

T. & B Walters, USA

“What a wonderful way to spend our last night in Newfoundland. Thank you so much.”

M. & B. Toivanew, Quebec

“Thank you for everything. We loved our time here. Our only disappointment is that we couldn’t stay longer.”

Lori & Nancy, Vancouver, B.C.

“Loved our stay here. Beautifully and suitably decorated. Good food, lovely ambience and isolation, all in one.”

M. & M. McKenna

“Everything was perfect – a lovely room, new and delicious foods to try, help “above and beyond the call”, and a beautiful view (especially the splendid sunset!) Thank you very much!”

J. & J. Graham, Ottawa, Ontario

“How could it get any better? Thank you for everything.”

C. & L. Christensen, B.C.

“An absolute jewel of Newfoundland!”

D. & J. Melanson, New Hampshire, USA

“What wonderful people and such a gorgeous spot! Edna & Effie were the perfect hosts. We hope to be back and will certainly tell others about it.”

J. & N. Brown, Quebec

“Absolutely wonderful! The most charming place we have seen yet. Will definitely recommend it. Food was great too. Thank you!”

N. Bennett, Washington, D.C., USA

“Heaven on earth! We will recommend it to all our friends. Thanks for everything!”

G. & D. Wells, Nfld

“We enjoyed everything. The peaceful nature, the beauty, and the yummy food!”

D. & R. Frischmuth, California

“We biked 90km to get here… I would have ridden 390! Edna is the best cook in the world. Thank you for sharing your paradise with us.”

P. Ewing, San Diego, California

“Wow! What a place. And what fantastic food. Thank you.”

D. & S. Palmer, Ontario

“A little bit of paradise on earth. What else can we say?”

L. & E. Halinaty, Saskatchewan

“The nicest place I’ve stayed on this trip! Thanks.”

R. Miller

“Wonderful! Beautiful scenery, excellent food, etc.”

D. & N. Mahony, Ontario

“What a delightful surprise for us to find this spot!”

Mintze & Tom

“The meals were delicious, the scenery awesome, and the room was comfy.”

M. Tobin & S. Hayes, Ontario

“Great location, wonderful hospitality. One night is not enough. Thank you.”

L. & D. Marsh, London, Ontario

“A wonderful piece of Newfoundland. Beautiful scenery and hospitality. Thank you!”

Alan & Glynis, Ontario

“Everything about this place was the best we’ve seen in Nfld! Beautiful!”

P., J. & G. Truelove

“What a wonderful place – the people, the house, the food, the view – you have it all. Thank you.”

The Dummonds, Ottawa, Ontario

“The most beautiful place on the island. Best food too!”

C. & A. LeBlanc, Montreal, Quebec

“The wind, waves and view – gorgeous. Complete contentment!”

D. & S. Beckley, New Hampshire, USA

“Looking for peace & tranquility – found it! Absolutely beautiful!”

S. Crocker & I. MacKay, Nfld.

“The stay wasn’t nice, it was wonderful! Thank you for everything.”

A. & P. Caron, Quebec

“Spectacular setting and ambience.”

J. Gordon, New Hampshire, USA

“Good beds, great food and care, and ‘Oh the view!’”

A. & J. Fennell, London, Ontario

“Very nice place. Full of charm. I think paradise is here. We will be back.”

C. P. Vaniet, France

 “So glad we found your lovely place!”

C. & M. Flynn, New Jersey, USA

“We came because of friends who said it was awesome here and we agree. It’s a perfect spot!”

L. & S. Sampson, Alberta