Adventure Tours

From glacier-carved fiords to coastal sands Headwater Tours by Entente Cordiale provides a full range of scenic adventures. Whether viewing 1000ft waterfalls or cascading streams of summer meltwater, or dining on fresh seafood as the sun sets into historic waters, your experience with us will be anything but ordinary.

Follow moose and caribou along their age-old mountain trails, amid tuckamore wood and sub-arctic blooms. Glimpse artic hare and rock ptarmigan as you cross their barren domain. Discover glacial erratics in unusual locations, these ancient rock deposits in boulder formations. Gaze over the coastline explored by famed French explorer Jacques Cartier on his first voyage (1534) to the New World, while standing on distant mountaintops surveyed by renowned Captain James Cook in 1767. Cross the Northern Peninsula divide along its Appalachian spine, from Main River National Heritage River to the Flat Hills beyond. And take a cruise on Gros Morne National Park’s Western Brook Pond, a spectacular fiord on the Viking Trail of Newfoundland.

Adventure Packages and Rates